Fun for the Family in its safest Form with Slipstop®


We now have Slipstop® so that you can have fun with your kids safely. Slipstop helps reduce the risk of slipping on wet and slippery floors and protects your feet from the hot sand on the beach! In summer and winter, your family is safe with Slipstop.


Having been introduced in 2014 with the slogan “An end to hot sand and slippery surfaces”, Slipstop has quickly turned into a sensation among kids with its vibrant colors and pretty patterns. Seeing the comfort of their kids and the fun they are having, parents started inquiring about sizes for adults and models for mothers and fathers took their place on the stands in select stores. Beaches and pools are now fun and safe for parents too!


Slipstop products are manufactured in Turkey and are patented. Our products are uniquely positioned in the market in terms of their design and technological features.


Multi-purpose: pool, sea, beach, boat, surf board, kindergarten, playground, school, gym, ballett,  pilates & yoga, home, garden, bathroom, sauna...


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Product no.: SS18120161

19.90 *


Product no.: SS18120155

19.90 *


Product no.: SS18140082

21.90 *


Product no.: SS16140039

21.90 *

Black Junior

Product no.: SS17110199

19.90 *


Product no.: SS17140051

21.90 *

Boat Junior

Product no.: SS17120121

19.90 *


Product no.: SS16110106

19.90 *
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